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This American Life Podcast- Travel Lifestyle

In my years working as a staff photographer for snowboard industry magazines, with a snowmobile in the back of my truck and a backseat full of camera/backcountry equipment, I was on the road a lot.    This term is used loosely.   Being “on the road” can just mean traveling away from home, but for me it meant driving on actual roads to get places because snowmobiles are a difficult to take as checked baggage on airplanes.

The Open Road.  Somewhere Between Salt Lake City and Summit County, Colorado

Before I set out for a 10-20 hour drive I would organize the mandatory feel good peppy music playlist, but what really kept me going on those long drives are books on tape and podcasts.

My favorite podcast is the This American Life podcast from WBEZ, Chicago,  This American Life has been producing podcasts since 1995.  I’ve listened to every single podcast and am hungry for a new or re-worked podcast each week.   The episodes are entertaining, educational and enlightening to the view of others.

Last weekends episode titled 454: Mr. Daisey and The Apple Factory has stuck with me like no other, I can’t stop thinking about the insightful presentation.    The episode presents how our (American’s as consumers) worship of “crap” affects others and exposes another country culture of work.   It’s a powerful presentation and I recommend it and any of the other This American Life episodes.

Nest Thermostat

It’s mid-winter, it’s been beautiful and clear on the Oregon Coast this year which lends to cooler temperatures.   Ok, I’m a fan of Winter and definitely enjoy cold weather, however coming home to a warm house is always nice.  Ah yes, our thermostat is spazzing and we need a replacement.  I’m totally coveting a Nest thermostat.

Too bad they are currently sold out and we needed one yesterday.  This is going on the 2012 Christmas list.

New Christy Chaloux Photography Website Launch

That’s right people.  Same place (, same time (now).

We just finished a complete overhaul of galleries that are more focused on the current vision and direction of the Christy Chaloux Photography brand.  As always the imagery is largely Winter sports focused.  I don’t deny it, I heart Winter.

Livebooks hooked up a sweet Scaler site.  Images automatically re-size based on the screen you are viewing the site on.

The new site also features updated branding thanks to art star and Roxy Design Director Ashley Anson.

Check it,

Betty Rides Outerwear Catalog Shoot- Shot on location at Mt. Hood, Oregon

I’M A WINNER- 2012 PDN The SHOT Sports Photography Contest

If you know me, you most likely already think that I’m a total winner (joking of course).  My winner status is now confirmed by a panel of judges from THE SHOT Sports Photography Contest put on by Photo District News.  The photo below was selected as a winner in the Professional On the Mountain Category and is published in the February 2012 Issue of Photo District News.

This photo of Natasza Zurek was shot after a week of snowmobiling in a rural area of the Interior British Columbia.   This day was suppose to be a rest day, but we just couldn’t resist shooting a little in this amazing light.  This was the last jump of the day and of the trip.  Thank you for your hard work Natasza.

Get Going, Get Goalsmith

I’m a sucker for clean, simple and productive.  Goalsmith is all of these things.  A great way to organize what you really want and how you plan to get there.   You can choose to mark some goals as private or to share other goals.  It’s going to fun to keep people posted on my goals and I achieve them.

Check it out,

New Year, New DESIGNZEIT A4 Architects and Designers Diary

I love this diary/daily planner, preference Black (of course) linen cloth.   Great design, fun yearly themes.  Good stuff.  This year’s editorial: Comics Masters.

Simple design, black linen, all to aid in organization and planning.  This could be love.

These pages may be close to empty now, but I’m just getting started.   These pages will soon be full of goals, appointments and bookings.  This year is gonna rule.

Design reference basics like International paper sizes.

Inspiration or procrastination?  The first several pages are loaded with a different theme each year.

“Where do unmet dreams reside?”

In the constant effort of being true to my creative voice I’ve started a new workbook recommended by photo consultant Selina Maitreya.  The book is called Fearless Creating, by Eric Maisel, Ph.D  I’m excited because all of the books she has recommended so far have been excellent, including her own book, How to Succeed in Commercial Photography, by Selina Maitreya.

This question asked in the first few pages of this book has stuck with me for the past few hours.  While goals and dreams are important, how we process situations and life experiences that do not end exactly how we expect them too can be equally as important as how we process our victories.


Happy Christmas

From Astoria, Oregon.  Not New York. 

Future Photo Studio in Astoria, Oregon

Some friends I’ve met through Lightbox Photographic are teaming up to make the dream of a photo studio space a reality.  Currently in the renovation process, I met up with a few of the member’s yesterday in Astoria, Oregon.  Each individual involved has a rich background in photography, but more importantly has a deep motivation, vision and passion for the craft of photography.  These are a few images from yesterday.


Big Red, an icon of Astoria, Oregon


Walls, pre-renovation.

The Masterminds of this operation.

Enter, if you dare.

Framed up ship.

Texture and color that inspires me.

Granger, GTS-ing

The House Boardshop

Last December I shot the Winter Team Campaign on location in Summit County Colorado for mega retailer The House Boardshop.  Here are a couple of the ads from the campaign and a few other shots from the shoot.  Thank you Keystone Resort and Copper Mountain for your support in making this shoot go off smoothly.

Gabi Viteri Pow Slash at Copper Mountain

Kaitlin Farrington in the Copper Mountain Halfpipe

Gus Engle Apre shred