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Kitchen Floor – We Re-Finished it

With the layers of flooring removed and the raw wood exposed it didn’t take us long to motivate to finish this project.

We moved the contents of our kitchen into our dining room.  We look like hoarders.

The kitchen is tightly sealed off from the rest of the house.

Tony using his big muscles to sand the floor down to more beauty.

I hand sanded between each coat of floor lacquer.

Isn’t it pretty?

Kitchen Floor – What Lies Beneath

As much as I appreciate the retro aspects of avocado green, too much of a good thing can be overwhelming. Without question this was the case in our kitchen. It was time for the 70’s floor to go. Our home was built in 1896 and we had suspicion that below the retro green flooring lay a fir floor just ready to be reclaimed.



Goodbye green floor, I will not miss you.

Fir floor in the dining room appears to continue into the kitchen, being covered up a lot of retro goodness.

Our suspicions are confirmed.  Beauty lies beneath.

Almost done with the tear out. Whooohhooo

Oregon Coast Surf Adventure



While I do live very near to the Oregon Coast I do not get to surf as much as I’d like too. I love it when friends come from out of town and motivate me to go to the beach. The last fews days I hung out at the beach with the P.S. Crew- (Hana Beaman, Robin Van Gyn and Leanne Pelosi) as they filmed the intro section to their movie. We had fun camping, surfing, eating and shooting lifestyle images. Here are a few photos from the beach.


Colleen suiting up.  Nice bootie.

Mike, Leanne and Robin


Mmmmmmm. Beach fire.

This is my favorite place in the whole world.





Kodak Brownie – How Sweet

Stopped off at an estate sale on the way to a hike at Fort Steven’s State Park and picked up this Kodak Brownie Box Camera for 90 cents.  Probably won’t be photographing much snowboarding with this gem, but excited to add it to the small, but growing stash of film cameras.

New Christy Chaloux Photography Website Launch

That’s right people.  Same place (, same time (now).

We just finished a complete overhaul of galleries that are more focused on the current vision and direction of the Christy Chaloux Photography brand.  As always the imagery is largely Winter sports focused.  I don’t deny it, I heart Winter.

Livebooks hooked up a sweet Scaler site.  Images automatically re-size based on the screen you are viewing the site on.

The new site also features updated branding thanks to art star and Roxy Design Director Ashley Anson.

Check it,

Betty Rides Outerwear Catalog Shoot- Shot on location at Mt. Hood, Oregon

Get Going, Get Goalsmith

I’m a sucker for clean, simple and productive.  Goalsmith is all of these things.  A great way to organize what you really want and how you plan to get there.   You can choose to mark some goals as private or to share other goals.  It’s going to fun to keep people posted on my goals and I achieve them.

Check it out,

New Year, New DESIGNZEIT A4 Architects and Designers Diary

I love this diary/daily planner, preference Black (of course) linen cloth.   Great design, fun yearly themes.  Good stuff.  This year’s editorial: Comics Masters.

Simple design, black linen, all to aid in organization and planning.  This could be love.

These pages may be close to empty now, but I’m just getting started.   These pages will soon be full of goals, appointments and bookings.  This year is gonna rule.

Design reference basics like International paper sizes.

Inspiration or procrastination?  The first several pages are loaded with a different theme each year.

“Where do unmet dreams reside?”

In the constant effort of being true to my creative voice I’ve started a new workbook recommended by photo consultant Selina Maitreya.  The book is called Fearless Creating, by Eric Maisel, Ph.D  I’m excited because all of the books she has recommended so far have been excellent, including her own book, How to Succeed in Commercial Photography, by Selina Maitreya.

This question asked in the first few pages of this book has stuck with me for the past few hours.  While goals and dreams are important, how we process situations and life experiences that do not end exactly how we expect them too can be equally as important as how we process our victories.