snowboard photography

Oregon Coast Surf Adventure



While I do live very near to the Oregon Coast I do not get to surf as much as I’d like too. I love it when friends come from out of town and motivate me to go to the beach. The last fews days I hung out at the beach with the P.S. Crew- (Hana Beaman, Robin Van Gyn and Leanne Pelosi) as they filmed the intro section to their movie. We had fun camping, surfing, eating and shooting lifestyle images. Here are a few photos from the beach.


Colleen suiting up.  Nice bootie.

Mike, Leanne and Robin


Mmmmmmm. Beach fire.

This is my favorite place in the whole world.





10th Annual High Cascade Snowboard Photography Workshop Wrap Up

I spent this first half of this week at the 10th Annual High Cascade Snowboard Photography Workshop.  I’ve had the priviledge of attending every workshop to date, in the earlier years as a helper and now as an instructor.   This program, created by Trevor Graves and Nemo Design, is what initiated my photography career and prompted me to start shooting in 2003.  I guess you could say that I’m growing up in this program, it’s taught me so much and I learn more every year.

 I was blown away by the talented students this year.  Just so many beautiful student images with superb personalities to match.   The following photos are from the night shoot held at High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s private facility on Mt. Hood on August 8, 2011

Workshop Students shooting the action.

Putting strobe lighting techniques to use at the on-snow night shoot.

Low clouds moved in just in time for the sunset.

The mountain sky lit up nicely for lovely view.