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Double Backflip Happy Birthday To Kimmy Fasani and Cheryl Maas

Last Winter I went on a super fun snowboard trip to Southern Colorado with Hana Beaman, Kimmy Fasani and Cheryl Maas.  It was a winning combination at one of my favorite locations, I knew it would be awesome.  And it was, for several reasons but the coolest part was the mind blowing, progressive riding from all three of these female pro snowboarders.  Both Kimmy and Cheryl landed double backflips in the backcountry.  Here are the sequences of the double backflips that went down 1 year ago today.   Good times girls, here’s to flipping out over many more sunny pow days.

Kimmy Fasani Double Backie in the Backcountry.

See Footage Here

Cheryl Maas Double Backflip at Sunset.  Near Silverton, Colorado

Click here for a full edit from the trip. 

Click here for Hana Beaman’s P.S. Edit

This American Life Podcast- Travel Lifestyle

In my years working as a staff photographer for snowboard industry magazines, with a snowmobile in the back of my truck and a backseat full of camera/backcountry equipment, I was on the road a lot.    This term is used loosely.   Being “on the road” can just mean traveling away from home, but for me it meant driving on actual roads to get places because snowmobiles are a difficult to take as checked baggage on airplanes.

The Open Road.  Somewhere Between Salt Lake City and Summit County, Colorado

Before I set out for a 10-20 hour drive I would organize the mandatory feel good peppy music playlist, but what really kept me going on those long drives are books on tape and podcasts.

My favorite podcast is the This American Life podcast from WBEZ, Chicago,  This American Life has been producing podcasts since 1995.  I’ve listened to every single podcast and am hungry for a new or re-worked podcast each week.   The episodes are entertaining, educational and enlightening to the view of others.

Last weekends episode titled 454: Mr. Daisey and The Apple Factory has stuck with me like no other, I can’t stop thinking about the insightful presentation.    The episode presents how our (American’s as consumers) worship of “crap” affects others and exposes another country culture of work.   It’s a powerful presentation and I recommend it and any of the other This American Life episodes.

Nest Thermostat

It’s mid-winter, it’s been beautiful and clear on the Oregon Coast this year which lends to cooler temperatures.   Ok, I’m a fan of Winter and definitely enjoy cold weather, however coming home to a warm house is always nice.  Ah yes, our thermostat is spazzing and we need a replacement.  I’m totally coveting a Nest thermostat.

Too bad they are currently sold out and we needed one yesterday.  This is going on the 2012 Christmas list.