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Double Backflip Happy Birthday To Kimmy Fasani and Cheryl Maas

Last Winter I went on a super fun snowboard trip to Southern Colorado with Hana Beaman, Kimmy Fasani and Cheryl Maas.  It was a winning combination at one of my favorite locations, I knew it would be awesome.  And it was, for several reasons but the coolest part was the mind blowing, progressive riding from all three of these female pro snowboarders.  Both Kimmy and Cheryl landed double backflips in the backcountry.  Here are the sequences of the double backflips that went down 1 year ago today.   Good times girls, here’s to flipping out over many more sunny pow days.

Kimmy Fasani Double Backie in the Backcountry.

See Footage Here

Cheryl Maas Double Backflip at Sunset.  Near Silverton, Colorado

Click here for a full edit from the trip. 

Click here for Hana Beaman’s P.S. Edit

Colorado- Jump

The sun came out today.  The jump was ready.  Many tricks were landed.  Ok, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it, Kimmy landed a double backflip, Cherly landed a back 7  and an underflip and Hana landed a huge, steezy 3.  The crew killed it.

Cheryl putting some final touches on the jump.

Cheryl and Hana Roshambo for FT

Suki and Matt help out with the runway.

Kimmy and Cheryl review the good with Roderick