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Double Backflip Happy Birthday To Kimmy Fasani and Cheryl Maas

Last Winter I went on a super fun snowboard trip to Southern Colorado with Hana Beaman, Kimmy Fasani and Cheryl Maas.  It was a winning combination at one of my favorite locations, I knew it would be awesome.  And it was, for several reasons but the coolest part was the mind blowing, progressive riding from all three of these female pro snowboarders.  Both Kimmy and Cheryl landed double backflips in the backcountry.  Here are the sequences of the double backflips that went down 1 year ago today.   Good times girls, here’s to flipping out over many more sunny pow days.

Kimmy Fasani Double Backie in the Backcountry.

See Footage Here

Cheryl Maas Double Backflip at Sunset.  Near Silverton, Colorado

Click here for a full edit from the trip. 

Click here for Hana Beaman’s P.S. Edit

The House Boardshop

Last December I shot the Winter Team Campaign on location in Summit County Colorado for mega retailer The House Boardshop.  Here are a couple of the ads from the campaign and a few other shots from the shoot.  Thank you Keystone Resort and Copper Mountain for your support in making this shoot go off smoothly.

Gabi Viteri Pow Slash at Copper Mountain

Kaitlin Farrington in the Copper Mountain Halfpipe

Gus Engle Apre shred

Breckenridge, Colorado

I had the pleasure of visiting Breckenridge, Colorado last week during a shoot for Bolle.  Between set ups I ran into these gentlemen who I found interesting, lost and in desperate need of Jesus.

Colorado- Cabin

We’ve spent the last couple of days recovering from a great time up at the Bonnie Belle Cabin outside of Silverton, Colorado.  The cabin is located at a mellow 12,000 feet.

Part of the trail we hiked into reach the cabin.

Kimmy checks the view from her bed.



Skylar (our guide) showing us some zones.

The cabin is located on a mine claim, Skylar found this quartz on the property during the Summer.



Mind blower, blower.

Gear drying system.




Colorado- Silverton

I’m just gonna throw it out there, yes, we went to Silverton. I know it’s cliche, but there’s a reason behind the hype.  It’s a super interesting place and there is a ton of great terrain in the area.  I like Silverton, Co.

A sleepy little town surrounded by mountain passes.

Urban snowmobiling

Kimmy and Cherly fine tune their jump.

Silly Hana.

The girls are really excited about something.

Fueling up at Avalanche Coffee

Colorado – Explore

The crew arrived in Southern Colorado last night.  Kimmy Fasani and Hana Beaman drove in with their snowmobiles, while Cheryl Maas flew in from France.  The plan was for her to meet up with one of the filmer’s Cort Muller and Snowboard Mag’s Tawnya Schultz in the afternoon and they’d drive down that evening. Cheryl’s flight was delayed and she didn’t arrive in Denver until midnight.  They drove all night and got to our location at 7am, the same time we had set our alarm to start our day.  While they got a few hours of shut eye, Hana, Kimmy, Roderick and I headed to the snow to explore some of the terrain we’d be shredding the next 6 days.

Hana and Kimmy break trail and the exploration begins.

They found a cool double line.

Hana checks out the scene.

Kimmy lays out a slash.

Fashion Friday


Breckenridge, Colorado

hoods up, how trendy.

Portland, Oregon to Breckenridge, Colorado

Friday morning I departed Portland, Oregon for a sweet solo road trip. My destination? Breckenridge Colorado.  As I rolled out of town I decided that I’d play a game of counting on my journey. Here are the results,

miles driven- one thousand two hundred thirty five

average miles per gallon- eleven and a half

skateparks shredded by me – zero (rain) booooooo

sent text messages- five

ounces of water drank- one hundred and eight

ounces of coffee drank- twenty four

states- four

episodes of the office watched- eighteen

v.i.p. bracelets found in the dirt- one

road kill – seven

cops- twenty eight

waterfalls- five

lightening bolts- thirteen

construction zones- twenty four