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Fort Steven’s State Park on the Beach in Warrenton, Oregon

I mentioned in my last post that I was on my way to take a hike at Fort Steven’s State Park.  It’s been such a beautiful and dry year here on the Oregon Coast.   Below are few photos from our hike.   My new friend and recent Colorado transplant, Sara and her man’s “best friend” Sonoma joined me.  They are adorable models.

Sara enjoying the outdoors and the fresh air.

Sara and Sonoma stroll down a mossy tree covered trail.

Proof that the sun does shine on the Oregon Coast.

Colorado – Explore

The crew arrived in Southern Colorado last night.  Kimmy Fasani and Hana Beaman drove in with their snowmobiles, while Cheryl Maas flew in from France.  The plan was for her to meet up with one of the filmer’s Cort Muller and Snowboard Mag’s Tawnya Schultz in the afternoon and they’d drive down that evening. Cheryl’s flight was delayed and she didn’t arrive in Denver until midnight.  They drove all night and got to our location at 7am, the same time we had set our alarm to start our day.  While they got a few hours of shut eye, Hana, Kimmy, Roderick and I headed to the snow to explore some of the terrain we’d be shredding the next 6 days.

Hana and Kimmy break trail and the exploration begins.

They found a cool double line.

Hana checks out the scene.

Kimmy lays out a slash.