I will be instructing at the High Cascade Snowboard Photo Workshop again this year.   The dates are July 28-August 2nd.   In years past it has been a really fun week at Mt. Hood, Oregon.  The instructor line up for 2009 is Trevor Graves, Tim Zimmerman, Andy Wright and myself for the photo program and Brad Kremer and Ross Steffey for the video program.  The workshops take place during Jeremy Jones and JP Walker?s signature session at High Cascade?s kids camp.

More workshop info here

Photos from the 2008 Workshops

Students shoot Jeremy Jones at the 2008 Workshop

Instructor Tim Zimmerman and student Jonathan Herre

Andy Wright holds up an impromptu reflector for some interesting subject matter.  Jesse Csincsak and Deanna Pappas from the hit TV show the Bachelor stopped into the workshop as lifestyle models.

Workshop Night Shoot BBQ.  Here Nike 6.0 Team Manager Barrett Christy gets some dinner.  She brought up some of her team to shred for the shoot.