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High Cascade Snowboard Photography Workshop – Summertime Snow

Here are a couple snaps from this year’s High Cascade Snowboard Photography Workshop’s Night Shoot.  If I’ve done my math correctly, this is the 12th Annual Workshop.   This program has sprouted a lot of photography talent over the years.   Thank you Andy Wright, Tim Zimmerman and Chris Wellhausen for holding it down and for having me as a guest instructor/lecturer this year.


Humpy on the Hip.


Layback slash on the wallride.


View from the Palmer Glacier

Fort Steven’s State Park on the Beach in Warrenton, Oregon

I mentioned in my last post that I was on my way to take a hike at Fort Steven’s State Park.  It’s been such a beautiful and dry year here on the Oregon Coast.   Below are few photos from our hike.   My new friend and recent Colorado transplant, Sara and her man’s “best friend” Sonoma joined me.  They are adorable models.

Sara enjoying the outdoors and the fresh air.

Sara and Sonoma stroll down a mossy tree covered trail.

Proof that the sun does shine on the Oregon Coast.

Happy Christmas

From Astoria, Oregon.  Not New York. 

Future Photo Studio in Astoria, Oregon

Some friends I’ve met through Lightbox Photographic are teaming up to make the dream of a photo studio space a reality.  Currently in the renovation process, I met up with a few of the member’s yesterday in Astoria, Oregon.  Each individual involved has a rich background in photography, but more importantly has a deep motivation, vision and passion for the craft of photography.  These are a few images from yesterday.


Big Red, an icon of Astoria, Oregon


Walls, pre-renovation.

The Masterminds of this operation.

Enter, if you dare.

Framed up ship.

Texture and color that inspires me.

Granger, GTS-ing

Lightbox Photographic Member’s Show

On the chance that you are in Astoria, Oregon between now and the end of the year be sure to pop into Lightbox Photographic.  They are currently showing the work of their members.  It’s a wide variety of photographs and in usual Lightbox style it’s very well curated.

Here are the two pieces that I have hanging in the show.

Whistler, BC Backcountry

Snowboard Ryan Thompson Sprays Colorado Powder with this turn in the Vail Pass Backcountry

Portraits of Donovan

Here are a few photos I shot of my cousin Donovan in his cool truck near Newberg, Oregon




Betty Rides Sample Sale

Betty Rides Sample Sale

Portland, Oregon to Breckenridge, Colorado

Friday morning I departed Portland, Oregon for a sweet solo road trip. My destination? Breckenridge Colorado.  As I rolled out of town I decided that I’d play a game of counting on my journey. Here are the results,

miles driven- one thousand two hundred thirty five

average miles per gallon- eleven and a half

skateparks shredded by me – zero (rain) booooooo

sent text messages- five

ounces of water drank- one hundred and eight

ounces of coffee drank- twenty four

states- four

episodes of the office watched- eighteen

v.i.p. bracelets found in the dirt- one

road kill – seven

cops- twenty eight

waterfalls- five

lightening bolts- thirteen

construction zones- twenty four