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Kitchen Floor – We Re-Finished it

With the layers of flooring removed and the raw wood exposed it didn’t take us long to motivate to finish this project.

We moved the contents of our kitchen into our dining room.  We look like hoarders.

The kitchen is tightly sealed off from the rest of the house.

Tony using his big muscles to sand the floor down to more beauty.

I hand sanded between each coat of floor lacquer.

Isn’t it pretty?

Future Photo Studio in Astoria, Oregon

Some friends I’ve met through Lightbox Photographic are teaming up to make the dream of a photo studio space a reality.  Currently in the renovation process, I met up with a few of the member’s yesterday in Astoria, Oregon.  Each individual involved has a rich background in photography, but more importantly has a deep motivation, vision and passion for the craft of photography.  These are a few images from yesterday.


Big Red, an icon of Astoria, Oregon


Walls, pre-renovation.

The Masterminds of this operation.

Enter, if you dare.

Framed up ship.

Texture and color that inspires me.

Granger, GTS-ing